Many years of excellence

the Conestoga Restaurant family is devoted to providing an unforgettable experience

Our History

Conestoga Restaurant’s unique structure dates back to the 1700s. Originally, the building served as an Inn. The name “Conestoga Inn” stood steadfast throughout the changes in ownership and carries over to your present day “Conestoga Restaurant”.

Today, Conestoga Restaurant has been renovated to have a modern, elegant feel inside and a sound, original stone facade. The owners have established a reputation of delicious fine dining in a family oriented atmosphere. The focus is bold, American cuisine with regionally infused taste. Lancaster County’s fresh ingredients are a key factor in the chef’s creations. The unique flavorful experience is prominent in every bite.

Magic atmosphere

It’s all special, it’s all magic

Bringing families together for a great meal is what drives Conestoga Restaurant. The atmosphere is comfortable and spacious. It’s perfect for a family of four, or a family reunion. The view of the Conestoga River brings an element of peace and serenity while our guests enjoy their food. The deck stretches out over a gently rolling hill, just before the river’s bank. Broad umbrellas provide a comfortable shade for an optimal experience eating outdoors.

For the lighter appetite or a more relaxed atmosphere, sit at the bar, and sip your favorite drink. The impressive, wooden wrap around bar provides a cozy den-like feel for those who want to relax and unwind.

Fresh Ingredients

an unforgettable taste

The creativity is endless in the kitchen. The chefs take great pride in their creations. Inspiration is all around. Lancaster County is predominantly farmland and because of this, Conestoga Restaurant has the freshest ingredients available. Pictured to the left is hydroponically grown greens, a method in which plant are grown in nutrient infused water, instead of soil, giving the plant optimal irrigation for healthy growth. Fresh ingredients play a definitive role in each and every dish. Whether you’re just visiting, or a local in the area, there is something unforgettable about Conestoga Restaurant’s taste.

Regionally Infused American Bistro

an unforgettable experience

Everything from the daily special, to the raved about famous dishes are carefully thought out and created to delight the palate. Flavors and textures are executed perfectly in each specialty dish. Take the most well known dish, the Meatloaf Stack – Meatloaf piled high on homemade redskin garlic mashed potatoes with mushroom demi, stacked with onion tanglers; an American classic meal taken to the next level. Or pictured to the right is the Asiago Angus Burger – Angus beef, topped with sautéed mushrooms and house smoked cherry wood bacon, Asiago cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard on an onion roll. Every element is a part of a master plan to produce an American dish with flavors from the regions freshest ingredients.

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